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Great Plains Loans Lahaina HI

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Great Plains Loans

Great Plains Loans are the Most Expensive Payday Loans Available

Great Plains Loans is a very popular short-term lending company. They have a nice website, they offer their borrowers decent loan amounts, and they can get borrowers their cash in one business day. On the outside they look like a normal company. On the inside, it’s a different story.

Great Plains Loans Charges Over 400% Interest

On their website, Great Plains Loans goes into great detail about their installment loans. They explain online that their total loan cost depends on the size of the loan. They explain a common scenario: a $500 loan is typically at around 448.78% APR. Borrowers are required to pay 12 bi-weekly payments of $101.29. Simple addition reveals the true cost of the loan: Borrow $500 now, pay $1215.48 later.

Great Plains Loans Keeps Borrowers in the Borrowing Cycle

Many people can’t afford to pay $100 every other week. In order to make ends meet, they’ll reapply for another installment loan from Great Plains Loans. The cycle keeps repeating itself. There are other payday loan companies that offer better, cheaper rates for first-time borrowers. We’re one of them. QuickCashToGo.com is fair, fast, and we keep our customers’ information completely confidential. Click to see how much you can get when you Apply With Quick Cash To Go.